What is Healing?

“If you have come because your liberation is bound together with mine, then let us work together.”

Aboriginal activists group, Queensland, 1970s/Lilla Watson

Dear Friends - Welcome to Reiki Hands Open Hearts, a partnership and web site dedicated to the support of healing and wholeness. The partners are Lella Lombardi and Philip Buttenfield. Together, we offer over 26 years of experience with Reiki and other energy healing modalities.

Living beings have an innate ability to regenerate and heal - this is one of life’s greatest miracles. Sometimes, though, this innate ability needs some support.

Our goal is to offer resources that support an individual’s deepest and highest healing, and to provide tools that can be easily learned and used. Our commitment is to honor, respect and support the individual’s unique journey. As we each become healthier and more whole, the collectives we belong to benefit as well.

We personally experience deep and meaningful benefit from these energy forms, and witness the benefits and transformations they bring to others. We are honored to be able to share them.


We serve the greater Pittsburgh area with in-person energy healing sessions and training. We offer treatment services in our office in Pittsburgh’s east end, private homes, hospitals, and hospices. Training is offered in our office, or on client site by request.

We offer remote healing sessions and tele-training services, which are available to recipients in any location.

We also conduct outreach, including public and small group demonstrations and presentations, to share information about energy work and how it facilitates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Let us know if we can assist your group or event.

Please browse through the website, and call or email about anything that catches your attention. We would love to hear from you, and to have the opportunity to work together.

Lella Lombardi & Philip Buttenfield

Contact Us:

Email: Info@ReikiHandsOpenHearts.com

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