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Many of us feel a compelling yearning at our core for something intangible that is higher/truer/deeper... spiritual growth, an authentic life, peace, connection to source… such words attempt to articulate this aspiration.

While the fulfillment of this yearning is a deeply personal journey and exploration, it’s also an inherently shared one.

It’s shared in the sense that it’s held in common; everyone seeks to be happy. It is also shared in the sense that it doesn’t occur in isolation; all lives interconnect. In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, we “inter-are”.

As individuals become clearer, the whole holds more light. And as the whole becomes brighter, it becomes easier for individuals to find their way. All liberation is indeed bound together.

Reiki Hands Open Hearts arises from our efforts to respond to this call, both individually and together as partners. On this journey, we have been blessed by teachers, teachings, and experiences that call upon us to open ever more fully to love and compassion, and that continue to light our way.

We have personally experienced deep and meaningful benefit from the energy forms and explorations described in these pages, and have witnessed the benefits and transformations they bring to others. We are honored to be able to share them. In sharing, we all grow lighter.

We are committed to service not only in the type of resources we offer, but also in the way we offer them. We are members of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), and adhere to its code of ethics. In all of our work, we affirm our commitment to:

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Lella Lombardi and Philip Buttenfield

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