Reiki Sessions at the Cancer Caring Center

Imagine a stressful day… well, most of us don’t have to imagine - it’s generally our norm!  Add the challenges of a major disease to the stresses of normal life, and the going gets really tough. Reiki (pronounced “Ray-key”) can help.  

Free treatments are offered at 5, 6 and 7 pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, February through November. Treatments last 45-60  minutes.

Appointments for Reiki sessions can be made by calling Stephanie Samolovitch at the Center at 412-622-1212. This phone call is all it takes to benefit from many services offered by the Cancer Caring Center, all of which are all are free.

The Cancer Caring Center has offered free Reiki treatments to its clients and their caregivers since 2007, supporting healing and reducing stress through this gentle and effective energy therapy.

Here are some of a wide variety of benefits that Cancer Caring Center clients have reported from Reiki treatments:

Reiki treatments are designed to provide a relaxing experience for the recipient. The recipient sits or lies down comfortably, and a trained practitioner conveys Reiki energy (not the practitioner’s energy) by gently resting his or her hands on or just above the body.

Reiki energy passes easily through clothing, and even casts.The recipient’s privacy and comfort are respected and maintained at all times. Treatments last approximately one hour, and the recipient can simply relax – no effort or concentration is required. Many recipients doze off during their treatment.

Anyone can learn and use this healing technique - no special skill or ability is necessary. It is taught in a 12 hour weekend workshop. Training is offered at a discount for clients of the Cancer Caring Center.

Treatments at the Cancer Caring Center and training are provided by Philip Buttenfield and Lella Lombardi of Reiki Hands, Open Hearts.

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