“We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full.”
Marcel Proust

“Healing” is often associated with feeling well or good: no pains, no stress, no illness.

While healing sessions with Reiki, Seraphic Energies or any number of other healing approaches can produce exactly that, this may well be the least of the benefits available from working with these systems.

Wholeness, perhaps, is achieved in fulfilling our highest potential, in being fully and freely our truest self. Frequently, however, beliefs about and reactions to life’s circumstances severely limit our ability to be true to ourselves or to express our full potential.

The deepest healing occurs when we are able to grow beyond restrictive or habitual thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns that limit our concepts or who and what we are, about others around us, and about the nature of reality itself.

These thoughts and behaviors arise when they offer us some benefit or help us cope with circumstances in the most skillful manner we’re capable of at that point in life.

However, our highest potential calls upon us to grow and shed old patterns that no longer serve us. What was once helpful can become a hindrance if it impedes our ability to adapt and expand.  

Clinging to old patterns produces more than mental and emotional distress; it can be reflected in the body through physical symptoms and ailments, as well.

But change is often scary - those old patterns are known and comfortable, and we may not know how to create new ways of being or where they’ll take us.

Healing practices don’t wave a magic wand and “make everything better”. They support our own innate potential for healing and transformation.

When healing requires that we face our fears and personal shadows (and it generally does), these healing practices serve as resources to help us do so. They can help us maintain equanimity when times are uncertain, and help us find our next right step in forging a new path forward.  

Healing becomes possible through being present and open to what is - whatever that may be; acknowledging the broken place is the first step in the transformation from unhealed to healed.