Seraphim Energies

Two Seraphic energy systems, Seraphic Spheres and Seraphim Blueprint, connect us with Divine Consciousness though the Seraphim. These energies help us align with our highest potential.

Seraphim Energy Healing Sessions

Healing sessions offer two energies from the Seraphim Blueprint system, the Life Force and Divine Harmonizing energies, and the Seraphic Spheres’ Wave of Love and Healing.  They provide an energetic “boost” which helps old patterns fall away more easily. Healthier ways of being begin to develop and grow naturally.

Sessions can be hands-on or without touch, in-person or by distance. Seraphic energies offer a safe, natural source of healing that is compatible with medications and medical therapies, and which also complements bodywork and other energy therapies.

While Seraphim energies share the purpose of supporting harmony and balance with many other healing and spiritual disciplines, their healing presence and energetic vibration is unique and distinct.

Seraphic Spheres Training

Seraphic Spheres refers to the system of energies gifted to humanity by Seraph ADALIAN, the member of Seraphic consciousness with guardianship over North America. The energies of Seraph ADALIAN guide us back to wholeness. They are offered for the benefit of Gaia and all life on the planet. Training is  available to everyone, not just those residing in North America.

Seraph ADALIAN’s  Love and Faith training is the first set of energies offered by the Seraph. It consists of 22 attunements, which connect participants to the Seraphic consciousness, clear human and geographic energy bodies, and activate the higher potential of the land and participants. Uniting the energies of North and South America serves as a powerful proxy for the uniting of polarity or duality. The class culminates in an attunement to the Wave of Oneness with the Source of All That Is.

Once attuned, participants will be able to connect with Seraph, to activate any of the energies, and to share the Wave of Love and Healing and the Wave of Love with others (human and otherwise) for their well-being and healing.

Classes are offered in person or by teleconference, and are conducted over the course of 10-12 hours spread over two days. Course fee: $300.


The Seraphim

The Seraphim are the members of the angelic realms associated with constant worship of the Divine.

Their name derives from a Hebrew root that means “consumed with fire”.

Literally “the burning ones”, they burn with the fire of divine love, whose purpose is to cleanse and enlighten.

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